Ethiopia Sidamo FT Organic Oromia G 4 Natural Coffee

Organic FT Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Oromia Farmers Cooperative Union Grade 4 raw Arabica coffee Beans

Bright acidity, smooth body, very sweet, fruit, solid coffee flavor, hints of strawberry, chocolate, roasted almond, floral, spice, cherry, and green tea, complex, clean, soft lasting finish. 

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Roasting Aroma: Sweet, bright, winey, carmel, oats

Dry Aroma: Fruit, dark chocolate, bright, cherry, strawberry, red licorice, graham cracker

Brewed Aroma: Caramel, cocoa, sweet, hints of spice and fruit, licorice

Region: Oromia ; Sub - Sidamo Region in the Rain Forests of Southwest Ethiopia

Growers: Small Holder Family owned Farms, Members of OROMIA Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union.

Coop: OROMIA Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU). Established in 1999 to help Indigenous Ethiopian Coffee Farmers export 100% Organic coffee directly to the Specialty Coffee Market (that's us). OCFCU pays Premiums from coffee sales Directly to the Farmers. It also provides a Bank, Preharvest  financing, Organic Programs, Equipment financing, Food Security and quality control programs. OCFCU maintains a central Cupping Lab and assists Members improve cup quality and sustainability. In 2005 an Oromia Natural Organic coffee took First Place in the East African Coffee Association Cupping Competition.

Soil: Vertisol

Varietal: Indigenous Ethiopia Heirloom cultivars, Forest Grown

Altitude: 1,550 - 2,200 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Full Natural and dried on raised beds.

Harvest: September - December

Certifications: Organic

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