India Monsooned Malabar AA Arabica Coffee

India Monsooned Malabar Grade AA Arabica green coffee beans 

Good body, soft acidity, mild, cocoa, hints of tobacco and wood, spice, smoke, earth.

This is a coffee we buy every Season when available for it's consistency and usefulness in Espresso Blends. Due to the large sized beans a Lb takes the space of 2Lbs and 4Lbs takes the space of 5Lbs for shipping.

Specially aged to replicate old brown java. This may very well be what coffee from India tasted like when brought to Europe in wooden ships in the 1800s.

Excellent in Espresso blends. Not usually used as a single origin Gourmet cup coffee, it is however unique and sweet, quite soothing.

The Monsooning process involves storing this coffee in open sided warehouses that allow wind and moisture off the ocean to be absorbed by the beans imparting a smell reminiscent of sixteenth century wood sailing vessels (a teenagers' socks) and greatly enlarging and whitening the beans. 

We carry this  special coffee primarily for those who make their own Espresso blend, it will build up the body and sweetness of the blend.

We have tried it at lighter roast levels alone and in various blends and have enjoyed it with the understanding that it is not bright on the tongue and blends well with bright coffees especially at darker roast levels.

Region: Karnataka, Western Ghats, in Southern India

Growing Altitude: 1,200 Meters above sea Level

Varietals: Catimor, S.795, Kents, Selection 9

Process: Dry Method used to remove skin and fruit before "Monsooning" process.

Harvest: October - February

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