Maui Mokka Natural Prime Arabica Coffee Beans

Maui Hawaii USA Mokka Natural Prime Grade Arabica Raw Coffee beans

Sweetly balanced plus acidity, creamy body, deep chocolate, definite Mokka richness, sweet, wine, hints of vanilla and ripe tropical fruit, finish widely varies with roast from soft sweet to rich lasting.

This is early 2023 Crop, there is NO 2024 Crop and there may not be any for a few years due to the fires on Maui.

Our first impression is "carries more of the Mokka richness than expected for an Island coffee".

Roasting Aroma: Wine, chocolate, fruit, sugar cane,

Dry Aroma: Chocolate, rich, sweet, hint of ripe tropical fruit

Brewed Aroma: Chocolate, caramel, spice, hint of fruit

Varietals: Mokka Maui, Transplanted from Ethiopia

Altitude: 250 Meters

Soil: Volcanic Maui Hawaii

Processing: Natural (Dry) process

Grown on 500 acres of what had been part of a Sugar Plantation for over 100 years that now produces only 4 Varietals of Arabica coffee. Utmost care and attention to details is taken in producing this lush Natural process coffee.

Small sized beans, easy to roast, keep the roasting light to medium (New England to City is good) so you can taste the bean, we prefer no more than City roast on all high end beans for this reason.

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