Panama Boquete La Gloria Estate SHB EP FW Raw Coffee

Panama Boquete Baru Indian High La Gloria Estate SHB EP Fully Washed Arabica raw coffee

Brightish to balanced winey acidity, delicate body, milk chocolate, butterscotch, sweet, brown sugar, clean, soft strawberry, almond, short clean finish.

Roast Aroma: Wine, butterscotch, sweet, mild fruit

Dry Aroma: Deep chocolate, soft fruit, apple, almond

Brewed Aroma: Butterscotch, chocolate, almond, soft fruit

Producer: Baru Indian High by Norberto Suarez, the Suarez Family owns Baru Indian High which holds Estates in the Boquete Region.

Processor: Beneficio Don Pedro coffee Mill, owned and operated by Baru Indian High coffee.

Farm: La Gloria Estate which is part of Baru Indian High operated by the highly regarded Suarez Family. Only fully ripe cherries are hand picked and delivered daily to the coffee Mill.

Region: Boquete; Sub Regions - El Salto, Los Naranjos. Near the Horqueta Mountain and Baru volcano which is the highest mountain in the Central mountain system of Panama.

Varietals: Typica 80%, Caturra 19%, Geisha 1%

Altitude: 1,360 - 1,500 Meters Above Sea Level

Soil: Volcanic Loam

Annual Rainfall: 3000mm

Average Temperature: 15 to 22 degrees Celsius up to 27 degrees in summer

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun dried

Harvest: November - January

Grade: Strictly Hard Bean (SHB), European Processed (EP)

Strictly Hard Bean, SHB: Coffee grown at very high Altitude produce a denser (Strictly Hard Bean) more vibrant flavor profile than those grown at lower Altitudes. Higher altitudes provide an Arabica Coffee friendly environment, the climate tends to be cooler with less direct sunshine and plenty of moisture. This causes the coffee fruit to mature slowly allowing more time to develop depth and sweetness, as well as many of the desirable characteristics we look for in fine Specialty coffees.

European Process: Hand Sorting to remove defects to the "EP Standard" continues until no more than 8 defects are found in a 300 gram sample. This obviously very labor intense hand sorting improves Cup Quality and Consistency.

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