Rwanda BUFCAFE Remera Bourbon A Top Lot FW green coffee beans

Rwanda BUFCAFE Remera Station Bourbon A Top Lot Fully Washed Raw Arabica Coffee Beans

Bright acidity, medium body, rich, sweet, marionberry, carmel apple, fruit, black currant, dark chocolate, nicely balanced, Lasting finish. Depending on your roast the chocolate note can go from bright and almost dominant highly aromatic to mildly noticeable.

Roast Aroma: Sweet corn, brown sugar, black currant

Dry Aroma: Deep chocolate, bright, fruit

Brewed Aroma: Dark chocolate, fruit, almond

Growers: Small Holder Farmers, Members of Cobabakagi and Terimbere Kawa Yacu Cooperatives.

Producer:  Buf Cafe's Remera wet Washing Station located in South Central Rwanda's Ginkongoro Prefecture at 1950 MASL.

Region: Nyamagabe, near Karaba village

Varietals: 100% Bourbon, Arabica

Altitude:  1,600 - 1,900 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Floating water tank sort, 8 to 12 hour Dry fermentation, Second sort by weight via water shoots, 24 hour soak then hand washed and sorted, dried on Raised Beds. Considered to be Fully Washed process for this coffee.

Grade: A, Top Lot

Harvest: May - August

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