Sulawesi Kalossi Gr 1 DP Arabica Coffee

Sulawesi Kalossi Grade 1 Double Picked Arabica Raw Coffee Beans

Sweet balanced acidity, round juicy body, zesty orange, Sweet, dark chocolate, cloves, sweet lingering finish.

Roast Aroma: Fruit, earth, sweet, spice

Ground Aroma: Dark chocolate, cherry, earth, orange, toffee

Brewed Aroma: Sweet, spice, cinnamon, caramel, cocoa, cloves

Growing Altitude: 1,500 Meters

Grade: 1 Double Picked to remove defects

Region: Toraja is also a name used for the local indigenous people

Kalossi is a regional market town whose name is often associated with coffees of the Region.

Sulawesi is an Indonesian Island located due south of the Philippines previously known as Celebs.

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