Sumatra Mandheling Organic fT Gr 1 Wet Hulled Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling FT Organic Grade 1 Giling Basah Traditional Sumatra Wet Hulled Process Arabica raw Coffee

Sweet Balanced acidity, full body, citrus, rich, sweet, lemon, hints of spice, caramel, cedar, earth, and tobacco, chocolate, wine, rich lasting finish.

Roast Aroma: Oats, wine, brown sugar, sweet, earth

Dry Ground Aroma: Fruit, Tangerine, vanilla, chocolate, spice, tobacco, cedar

Brewed Aroma: Carmel, cocoa, spice, cedar, tobacco, hint of earth

Growing Altitude: 900 - 1,600 Meters Above Sea Level

Varietals: Typica, Catimor

Region: Mandheling (really just a trade name for Sumatra coffee processed in this traditional style) North Central Sumatra, Indonesia

Growers: Various small holders

Process: Traditional Sumatra Mandheling style Wet Hulled or "Giling Basah" to Locals.

Harvest: June - December

Grade: 1

Certifications: Organic

Traditional coffee processing in the Sumatra Mandheling style "Giling Basah" (Wet Hulled) involves a semi washed process where the skin and some of the fruit is removed with home made contraptions before initial drying in sacks. Then they remove the remaining fermented fruit through hand washing and spread the beans on the yellow clay ground or on sheets to dry. Then dry again somewhat after mechanically removing the still Wet parchment and another final drying before bagging. Thanks in part to growing in clay type soils (or volcanic depending on where in Central to North West Sumatra it grows), the fermenting fruit in the first drying phase, and the additional drying phase, good Mandheling coffees develop an Earthy smell and faint Earthy taste along with a wonderful deep body sweet balanced acidity and lush fruit notes when processed well.

For the discriminating Coffee Drinker Sumatra Mandheling coffees when done well present a smooth full body, sweetly balanced acidity, and lush fruity flavor distinct from any other coffee on Earth. Easily one of our favorite coffee growing Regions / Types.

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