Yemen Haraaz Mountains PB Traditional Raw Coffee Beans

Yemen Haraaz Mountains Peaberry Traditional Dry Process Premium small Lot Arabica raw coffee Beans

Bright sweetly balanced acidity, silky smooth body, blueberry, intense, very sweet, strawberry, fruit, chocolate, floral, raspberry, clover honey, wine, very complex, sweet rich lasting finish. Luscious intense flavors and very sweet with contrasting tart fruits.

Roasting Aroma: Sweet, spice, strawberry, fruit, caramel, wine

Dry Aroma: Sweet, fruit, caramel, spice, chocolate, strawberry 

Brewed Aroma: Bright, sweet, strawberry, fruit, chocolate, spice 

Limited availability Premium Microlot. From the same Supplier and Region as our Yemen Haraaz A but this Lot is PB which takes great attention to Selection and processing. Each of our Yemen Haraaz coffees posses excellent and distinct flavor profiles.

Growers: Small Holders earn a significant premium for Selective picking and cup quality for this very special lot. 

Varietals: Dawairi, Ismaili, Jaadi, Tuffahi

Altitude: 1900 - 2440 Meters

Harvest: March - May

Region: Haraaz Mountains of Yemen 

Processing: Traditional Yemeni process dry in the fruit on the trees, expertly managed to control flavor development. This distinctly Yemeni method of drying on the vine is often called Mocha or Mocca. The Mocha process produces a vibrant yet deep flavored coffee full of heavy fruit notes and earthy tone associated with high quality classic Yemen coffees.

I sent a small sample of this Yemen PB without any label to an astute home coffee Roaster / Customer who is not yet one of my regular Reviewers with the simple request, What do you think? The following is her review.

"I finally got some free time today, to roast your mystery peaberry
sample.  I am literally sipping the first cup as we speak.  This has
been a busy week so I waited until I had some time to sip and savor.

My first impression is Yemen as I am getting chocolate and
fruit..maybe strawberries, and that Yemeni hint of spice.  A few sips
later I almost changed my mind to Ethiopia because there was so much in strawberry, blueberry, and wine notes....but that spice
note still Yemen.

I roasted this quite light..a tad bit more than I would a Yemeni...and
yet I am not getting any 'wood' types if this is a Yemeni
this is one that could take a light roast (as in Ethiopia Dry process
peaberry type light roast).



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