Zambia Kateshi Yeast Fermentation FW AAA Top Lot green coffee beans

Zambia Kateshi Estate Yeast Fermentation FW AAA/AA Top Lot Arabica Green coffee Beans

Bright wine like acidity,  medium light body, Sweet, fruit, stone fruit, cocoa, raspberry, citrus, almond, rich lasting finish.

Roasting Aroma: Sweet, tropical fruit, chocolate

Dry Aroma:  Fruit, sweet, raspberry, mild chocolate

Brewed Aroma:  Fruit, almond, cocoa, hazelnut

Roasting note: Very responsive to changes in roast. I am still experimenting with this one.

Varietals: Catimor 129, Castillo, Java

Altitude: 1,350 - 1,400 Meters Above Sea Level

Region: Northern Province; Sub-Region, Mafinga Hills near the town of Kasama

Grower / Processor: Kateshi Estate coffee farm. Kateshi Estate covers 2,466 hectares with 773 hectares dedicated to Eco friendly coffee production.

Processing: Yeast Fermentation of coffee cherries then Fully Washed to remove fruit and sun dried.

Harvest: December - March

Grade: AAA/AA, Top Lot (highest scoring lots)

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