Rwanda Organic Gishamwana Island Bourbon Coffee

Rwanda Organic Gishamwana Island Bourbon Raw Arabica Coffee Beans

Bright acidity, smooth body,  richish, citrus, tea, tart lemon, clean, sweet, raisin, caramel, hint of orange, spice, herbs, Lingering finish.

Roast Aroma: Sweet, roasty, red wine, sangria, pineapple

Dry Aroma: Rich, dark chocolate, cherry, sweet, red fruit, cream

Brewed Aroma: Sweet, spice, caramel, chocolate, orange, cream

Grower: Emmanuel Rwakagara (Founder of COOPAC)

Producer: Gishamwana Washing Station, Wet Mill, and Producer. Over 35,000 coffee trees are maintained on the Island in Environmental harmony in this Biodiverse  location. The Coffee trees are grown organically within heavy forest which provides more shade  than is normal for most African coffees.

Region: Gishamwana Island in Lake Kivu

Varietals: Bourbon

Altitude:  1,500 - 1,650 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Depulped, Dry fermented, Wet fermented, washed, soaked, dried on Raised Beds. Considered to be Fully Washed process for this coffee.

Harvest: March - June

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