Green Coffee Beans

Our Specialty Green Coffee beans are carefully selected through relationships with suppliers and knowledge of their fair business practices and environmental responsibility. Each Green (raw) coffee is tested using various roasts and brew methods in multiple cuppings, then evaluated for Consumer value, and finally subjected to the Friends and Family test. All of the unroasted coffee beans we carry are top Specialty Grade Arabica coffee beans. We strive to source only premium coffee beans that are bought at a premium above C market pricing allowing a fair price for the Producers, and are often organic as well. 

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The naming convention used for Specialty coffee beans is usually a composite of production details in approximately the following order of known items.

Example : (1) Brazil,  (2) Cerrado,  (3) Santo Antonio,  (4) FTO,  (5) Yellow Bourbon, (6) SS FC, (7) Sc 17/18, (8) Pulp Natural, (9) PB 

1. Country; 2. Region; 3. Estate or Processor; 4. Fair Trade Organic; 5. Variety of plant;   6. Grade; 7. Size of bean; 8. Process used to remove coffee fruit from beans and dry it;    9. Special characteristic of the beans PB = PeaBerry when a cherry has only one small round bean rather than the usual two beans that are flat on one side.  

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Sorry, we can not ship raw coffee to HI or Canada.